How to Use UV Lamp to Dry Nails with Gel Polish Fast

Once you have your nail polish painted on, you will want the nails dry as quickly as possible to keep them pretty and to keep them How to Use UV Lamp to Dry Nails with Gel Polish Fastfrom getting messed up with smudges. There isn’t anything worse than putting time and energy into something to only have it messed up so close to the end, especially a smudged manicure.

Buying a dryer is worth the money. It will save you time and money. It will also make you more efficient. Get one ready before you get started. You don’t want to use heat or hot air, but you can air dry them, or even put them on ice. There are a couple of other tricks to drying your nails. (See below for more)

If you have nail polish or top coat that is UV gel-based, a UV lamp or LED lamp is great way to dry them quickly. With LED lamps, you can dry them in about 30-45 seconds, quicker than the UV lamps which takes about 1-2 minutes. Good Electric Nail Files will get this job done fast.

What You Need:
LED lamp
UV Lamp with a bulb that is best for your gel nail polish

How to Dry or Cure:
After you after the gel based base coat, top coat, or polish, put hands under the lamp. Put thumbs in first, then the rest of your hand. If you have a UV lamp, slowly and gradually insert your hands closer the lamp. Some UV lamps won’t work unless your hand is close enough to the bulbs.
Wait for curing and drying. UV lamps have about a two minute limit. LED lamps are much faster and have almost rendered UV lamps obsolete now with 30-45 seconds to dry.
If the nails are still soft, they need more time. If not, you are almost done!
Add cuticle oil and hand lotion or moisturizer.

Other Drying Methods and Tricks:
Ice is crazy way to cure nails, but it is very effective with a little science, it makes the molecules of the different layers stick closer together. Get bowl filled with ice and water. Then place both hands in the bowl. Wait for a few minutes until done.

Fast drying top coat
Fast drying top coats are really great. The gel based ones work great with the LED lamps. It is not a cure all. You should make sure that the polish underneath is cured completely and hard as well. Sometimes, the polish is soft and the tp coat is dry. Do a complete job and make sure everything is dry and cured.

Hair Dryer on Cool
If you don’t have anything but a hair dryer, use the cool setting and low speed to gently dry the nails out for a few minutes.

Thinner coats of polish
Use thinner coats for faster drying times. You might have to put a third coat of polish for a good finish and wait between coats, but it worth it for a better manicure.

Sunflower Oil
Dipping fingers in a few tablespoons of sunflower oil for a few seconds has also worked. Rinse with clean water after a second or two.

Use good polish.
The newer, the better. If it is too old, it will take very long to dry.

Air Canister
Blow air for about 5 minutes from the canister.

Put your hands in the freezer for a few minutes.
Similar to sticking your hands in a bowl of ice

Cooking Oil Spray
The myths are true. Spray some on your nails and wait a few minutes. They will be dry in no time, but sure to wash your hands.